IT Loan

SME Development Bank's IT Loan is a type of loan that provides financing for businesses in need of enterprise IT equipment. IT Loan is a type of loan that can easily obtain the capital required to buy IT equipment.

Default interest rate

Interest rate (13.5%)

 Loan Term

1 year

Maximum Loan Amount

Maximum 30 Million MMK

  1. IT Loan Application Form
  2. Company License issued by DICA ၊ if other ministries have a separate license, submit it
  3. If there is a profit receipt, two (2) years above
  4. The business's profit and loss statement
  5. Business Photo and Product Reports (Specify if there are previously imported items)
  6. Submit a Performa Invoice or Sales Contract with a Letter Head or Sales Contract (If necessary, submit a Commercial Invoice)
  7. NRC copy of Cash Depositor & withdrawer & a copy of the household List, Community Letter of Intent (original); Two licenses Photo of (1 "x1") Within in 6 months
  8. Business Proposal for loan plan
  9. Use the loan (0%) for working capital & assignment in Assets (100%)

            (It must be for purchase only (100%) Assets).

   10.If you buy from abroad, you can buy L / C, TT Transaction, etc.

           (Must include Bill of Lading).

   11.A photocopy of two insurers & a copy of the household list, Proof of Income.

  1. The maximum loan amount is 30 Million MMK.
  2. Service charge per year (1%) & Interest rate (13.5%), Plenty Fees (1%) will be charged if failure to pay principal.
  3. Interest will be charged once every three months.
  4. The applicant must open an account at the SME Development Bank and have to open Ten Thousand MMK (MMK 10,000) at the beginning of the account.
  5. The repayment of the loan is to be paid in accordance with the decision of the Loan Committee, based on the operational circumstances and the risk of loss.
  6. The loan must be repaid immediately if other equipment is purchased. You must purchase only the materials presented when applying for a loan.
  7. You must agree to pay the principal & interest as per the bank's Repayment Schedule.
  8. In case of failure to make a contribution, it must be agreed that the charges are not in accordance with the existing laws and are punishable by criminal law.
  9. Purchase of products presented during loan application must be reported to bank within 3 months. We will inspect the items purchased by the bank.