Project Loan

SME Development Bank's Project Loan focuses on large corporations that want to expand their infrastructure. Industrial projects; Public services; Projects that have secured project assets; Fixed Loans are a type of long-term loan that provides financing for businesses that need to buy equipment for the business.


Interest rate

  Interest rate (9% ~ 13.5%)

Loan Term

Project timeline




  1. Application for Project Loan
  2. BOD Meeting Resolution

(Must have the name of the project / loan amount and the name of the director of the deposit / withdrawal)

  1. Proposed repayment Schedule
  2. Company License List of Directors if it has a separate license from other ministries
  3. Profit Invoice
  4. Profit and loss statement
  5. Previous Project Activities
  6. Proof of successful contract for project loan (must submit proof of Hluttaw approval in the relevant fiscal year)
  7. Copy of the Guarantee (if any)
  8. Project Photos
  9. NRC copy of Cash Depositor & withdrawer & a copy of the household List, Community Letter of Intent (original); Two licenses Photo of (1 "x1") Within in 6 months
  10. Summary of business and loan details
  11. Notification that the relevant ministry / depositor shall make payment to the list of creditors in the SME Development Bank.

  1. Service charge per year (1%) & Interest rate (9%~13.5%), Plenty Fees (3%) will be charged if failure to pay principal.
  2. Lawyer fees, fees and charges for mortgage and mortgage insurance. The deductions will be deducted from your account. Whether you take out a loan or not, the borrower and attorney fees will be paid by the borrower. Mortgages must be paid by the borrower.
  3. The applicant must open an account at the SME Development Bank and have to open Hundred Thousand MMK (MMK 100,000) at the beginning of the account.
  4. The repayment of the loan is to be paid in accordance with the decision of the Loan Committee, based on the operational circumstances and the risk of loss.
  5. If you are using a loan that has been used during the loan application process, and if it is found to be in a non-commercial use, you must immediately repay the loan.
  6. The authorized term of loan is the earliest on the date of the last payment or the date of the first full year of the loan, depending on the project period.
  7. You must agree to pay the principal & interest as per the bank's Repayment Schedule.
  8. In case of failure to make a contribution, it must be agreed that the charges are not in accordance with the existing laws and are punishable by criminal law.
  9. With regard to project loan lending, Loan must reiterate that it is possible to sue for criminal charges, if it fails to pay interest or capital or fails to submit a mortgage (600 MMK stamp).