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Green Financing


SME Development Bank of Green Financing Loan is a loan system based on cash flow of business that works in line with environmental conservation and environmental compliance programs; It is a type of loan that provides financial support for the green economy. The loan term can be applied for two years. Applicants for Mortgage Insurance can apply for up to 100 Million MMK & businesses that do not offer collateral can apply for loans up to 50 million MMK.

If you have a loan ,50% of the loan amount will be spent on Asset Capital & the remaining 50% can be used as working capital. If you are found to have applied for a loan in a project that was submitted at the time of application, the loan must be repaid immediately.


  1. Loan Application (By Bank Default)
  2. Two (2) photographs of the applicant’s license (photo taken within 6 months)
  3. Applicant’s National Identification Card, 2 copies of household registration
  4. The recommendation of the Ward / Township Administrative Office that it is really working and living
  5. A copy of a valid business license or other ministry license issued by the Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA). Business license issued by the concerned department
  7. SME Member Card & Recommendation Letter (Original)
  8. Tax Evidence
  9. (If Assured) Guarantee List
  10. (if not guaranteed) Letter of ownership
  11. Proof of Ownership
  12. In the Map of History (105/106), the expression “Loan from SME Development Bank” must be marked.
  13. Photo courtesy of Building Insurance (East, West, South, North, Interior)
  14. Credit Scheme
  15. Executive Summary and Evidence of Environmental Conservation
  16. Recommendations from regulatory authorities for environmental and social performance
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