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Manufacturing Loan

SME Development Bank’s Manufacturing Loan is the type of loan that is funded for manufactures products that are in financial need to convert from raw to finished, difficult tasks for buying equipment, technically difficult tasks for producing better products, needed to buy raw materials tasks.

Default interest rate

Interest rate (13.5%)

Loan Term

Up to 18 Months

Maximum Loan Amount

  Maximum 20 Million MMK

  • Documents To Submit To The Bank 
  • Terms & Condition
  1. Manufacturing Loan Application Form
  2. Company License issued by DICA ၊ if other ministries have a separate license, submit it
  3. Tax Payments for Business
  4. Profit and loss statement
  5. Business Report Photos
  6. NRC copy of Cash Depositor & withdrawer & a copy of the household List, Community Letter of Intent (original); Two licenses Photo of (1 “x1”) Within in 6 months
  7. Business Proposal for loan plan
  8. A photocopy of two insurers & a copy of the household list, Proof of Income
  9. The applicant is only 18 to 60 years old
  10. Applicant business’s must be at least 2 years old
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