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Tender Project Loan


It is a type of loan that provides financing for industrial projects and the operation and implementation of public services, depending on the duration of the Successful tenders project. Loan from relevant ministry / department according to the financial year Recommendation Loan.


  • Tender Project Loan provides 65% to 35% of the value of the contract to be a successful company.
  • If you have PG in SME-Development Bank – 65% of business value
  • Other Bank (PG) – Loans (35%) of business value.
  • Interest rate per year (14.5%)
  • Service Charges 1%


  1. Project Loan Form
  2. BOD Meeting Minutes(Loan Beneficiary Name of project ၊ Loan of Amount ၊ Name of director to be a deposit & withdrawal)
  3. Proposed repayment Schedule
  4. A copy of a valid business license, Director List, submitted by other ministries to allow separate license
  5. Receipts of revenue tax
  6. Profit and loss Account (financial statements)
  7. The previous activities of Project Activity
  8. Pick up a successful project loan contract document(The identity of the relevant financial year,Parliament approved must submit the original)
  9. Copy of Performance Guarantee
  10. Project photos
  11. A copy of the registered deposit / withdrawal UPCOMING, living in the household, and Actual performance(original), (6) months of the film (1 “x 1”) license photo (2)
  12. Summary details of the loan program available to addicts
  13. Dedication to the relevant Ministry / when payment for the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank loan business will be submitting a list of advice
  14. Success Project Contract with schedule
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