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Term Loan


Term Loan is a type of loan that must be repaid within a specified period of time to be repaid and fixed at a fixed interest rate or float interest rate. Term Loan is an appropriate type of loan for small and medium enterprises. It is also a type of loan that reduces interest rates because it is able to make partial repayments.


  • Interest rate: (9%)
  • Banking Fee: (1%) for one year
  • Loan Term: The loan term is (3) year


    1.(3) License Photo (Within 6 month).

    2.Copy of National ID

    3.Household Registration

    4.A copy of a valid business license

    5.Actual Living in ward Recommendation and actual operation in Zone

    6.Municipal Tax for the nearest month

    7.Receipts of revenue tax for the last 3 years

    8.Financial statements for the last 3 years

    9.Collateral (land & building)

    10.Grant, map and history of property (From 105/106)

    11.Insurance Property affidavit

    12.Documents concerning the ownership of properties

    13.Business Photo (Front/Back/Left & Right)

    14.Business Proposal

    15.BOD meeting minutes to get loan from bank

    16.Insurance submitted a list of items / values

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