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SME Development Bank’s MPU Debit Card is a Secure Chip Card that can be used as an MPU card locally. SME Development Bank of MPU Debit Card with

(1) Account to account transfer for on us transaction.

(2) Shopping at any POS merchants at shopping malls and supermarkets.

(3) Online payment at MPU E-commerce merchants can be made easily.

  • Easy to make payments without having to carry cash & cash withdrawals
  • Card payment can be used at any shopping centers, restaurants & hotels using MPU debit card of SME Development Bank’s, enjoys discounts as specified by MPU.
  • Hotel booking with online, buy air ticket with online & Pay the training fees with online
  • There are benefits to being able to carry out your own card security and other functions.
  1. National Registration Card/ Passport
  2. A minimum deposit of 1000 MMK can be opened.
  3. You need it E-mail address
  4. Contact Address
  5. Mobile Phone No are required to apply for SME Development Bank’s MPU Debit card.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to apply for SME Development Bank Card Account.
  • You can apply at SME Development Bank any branch & have to apply in person.
  • The security of the Card Password is the responsibility of the Cardholder.
  • Once you have received the card, you will need to change the password you want to use.
  • If the card is lost, you must contact the relevant branch as soon as possible and renew your card in accordance with established procedures.

Other things to know

  • Card validity is 3 years
  • If card holders use the ATMs at other ATMs in the country, they will be subject to the same charges issued by MPUs.

Through ATMs of SME Development Bank

  • Ability to make cash withdrawals
  • change the card pin /password
  • Easily review your transactions using mini statement and check your balance Inquiry can be checked at any ATM.
  • Free Cash Transfer (MPU) card via our ATM machine for intra bank accounts each other.

At ATMs, the maximum daily cash withdrawals are:

  • You can withdraw 10 Lakhs MMK per day at local ATMs.
  • POS machines have the largest amount of cash payments per day
  • You can pay 50 Lakhs per day on local POS (MPU card accepted)
  • For more help with this card, SME Development Bank Card Center Hotline No.( 01-2302409 ) you can get help by calling (emergency line number) for assistance.
  • For more information, please contact the SME Development Bank Call Center No 09-441202217.
    Fees Charges
    (Initial Deposit)1000 MMK
    (Minimum Balance)1000 MMK
    (Card Lost Fees)3000 MMK
    (Card Renewal Fees)1000 MMK
    (POS transactions)Free
    (Online Payment transactions)Free
     SME Development Bank Other Bank
    (Cash Withdraw transactions)Free (in SME Development Bank-ATMS)0.05 (per transaction)
    (Balance Inquiry)FreeOther Bank Rate

 SME Development Bank MPU Debit Card for SME Development Bank MPU Debit Card for convenience of our   old customers MPU Debit Card can be easily applied to any branch of SME Development Bank.

  1. Safe and secure at home and online. MPU Debit Card is the only way to get MPU Debit Card at SME Development Bank.
  2. You can easily make cash withdrawals at any ATM near the MPU Debit Card of the SME Development Bank.
  3. You can also pay using any MPU Debit Card at SME Development Bank without having to carry cash at any POS Merchants.4
  4. You can use the current E-Commerce Register to register your MPU Card with any existing E-Commerce Website and purchase any necessary food and clothing items as well as make purchases.

 Did you know that E-commerce can be used to start online payments with SME Development Bank’s MPU   Card? If you want to make payments online, your MPU Card must be an Ecommerce Application Card.

  1. In the Card Number field, enter the card number you want to use.
  2. Then click the Check and continue button.
  3. When done, enter the expiry date of the card with the VALID THRU in the Card Expiry field.
  4. Enter the Card Owner’s name in the Name field.
  5. Enter your usual email address (e-mail or G-mail) (only if you have an E-mail or G-mail account).
  6. Place your date of birth in the Date of Birth
  7. Enter your NRC number in the NRC.
  8. Enter the text displayed in the upper part of the Captcha text box above it. (If not, click on the small arrow next to the blackboard)
  9. I declare that the above information is correct. Check the box at the top (check all the text entered and checked).
  10. Then click the SUBMIT NOW Button.
  11. Customers of the Development Bank will need to send a notification of their current telephone number to their bank upon registration of the Online Website.

  After completing the required information, the application will be processed by SME Development Bank.

  You need to have an E-mail address & a Mobile Phone Number to use OTP to send online purchases.

  Once the E-commerce payment check out has been proceeded, the One Time Password will be securely       received by email or SMS, and promotional information is available via the SME Development Bank’s Face Book   Page.

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