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IT Loan

SME Development Bank’s IT Loan is a type of loan that provides financing for businesses in need of enterprise IT equipment. IT Loan is a type of loan that can easily obtain the capital required to buy IT equipment.

Default interest rate

Interest rate (13.5%)

Loan Term

1 year

Maximum Loan Amount

Maximum 30 Million MMK

Documents To Submit To The Bank (Terms & Condition)

  1. IT Loan Application Form
  2. Company License issued by DICA ၊ if other ministries have a separate license, submit it
  3. If there is a profit receipt, two (2) years above
  4. The business’s profit and loss statement
  5. Business Photo and Product Reports (Specify if there are previously imported items)
  6. Submit a Performa Invoice or Sales Contract with a Letter Head or Sales Contract (If necessary, submit a Commercial Invoice)
  7. NRC copy of Cash Depositor & withdrawer & a copy of the household List, Community Letter of Intent (original); Two licenses Photo of (1 “x1”) Within in 6 months
  8. Business Proposal for loan plan
  9. Use the loan (0%) for working capital & assignment in Assets (100%)

            (It must be for purchase only (100%) Assets).

   10.If you buy from abroad, you can buy L / C, TT Transaction, etc.

           (Must include Bill of Lading).

   11.A photocopy of two insurers & a copy of the household list, Proof of Income.

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